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This is the SEC's proposed change to N-PORT reporting rules
This is the SEC's proposed revised liquidity risk management rule from November 2022
This is the SEC's proposed swing pricing rule for certain registered funds that the Commission approved in November 2022
This is the SEC's proposed cybersecurity rule directed at registered funds
This is the SEC's recordkeeping rule tied to good faith fund valuations
This rule gives investment advisers broad fund valuation duties as 'valuation designees'
This is the SEC's derivatives rule approved in 2020
The SEC passed this fund of funds' rule in 2020. It affect investment advisers to mutual funds but not private funds.
This is the so-called ETF rule passed by the SEC in 2019 that codified years of exemptive relief
The Securities and Exchange Commission is proposing rule 18f-4, a new exemptive rule under the Investment Company Act of 1940 designed to address the investor ...

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