Business Continuity Planning/Cybersecurity

RCW subscriber survey: Ideas to save on cybersecurity insurance

We launched a flash subscriber survey to gain ideas for how to save money

Enforcement bolsters crypto/cyber unit

The SEC's Division of Enforcement will nearly double the size of its newly renamed Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit

Guidance to help you decide if cybersecurity insurance is right for you

The exclusion to watch out for is often referred to as “vicarious liability” which means a policy won’t cover a breach of your data that you’ve entrusted to a third-party

What’s a ‘significant’ cyber event?

Test your incident response because in a moment of crisis “all good intentions can go out the door”

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The SEC is on the record: a firm’s compliance P&Ps should cover business continuity plans. How you address the critical issue of your firm’s BCP, however, is for the most part up to you. Your cybersecurity approach also dovetails with your BCP. In this collection you can find our continuously updated BCP/Cyber news, analysis, “best practices” tips, compliance P&Ps, templates, matrices and more.

SEC’s proposed cybersecurity rule for IAs




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