Business Continuity Planning/Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity: Should you seek your vendors’ BCPs?

The CCO requests the documents annually but reserves an even more sophisticated review every three years. It pays a cybersecurity firm to conduct detailed due diligence on the three key vendors

SEC Commissioner Lizárraga supports cybersecurity proposals, talks AI

"I’m optimistic that the Commission’s updated cybersecurity rules will result in market participants taking the necessary and reasonable steps to protect their information systems from cybersecurity risks"

What’s this ‘NIST cybersecurity framework’ everyone keeps talking about?

Sample the National Institute of Standards and Technology' cyber framework

Cybersecurity: Don’t forget staff’s remote access

In financial services, the role of protecting firms can’t be compliance’s alone. Senior leaders must feel “a sense of urgency"

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The SEC is on the record: a firm’s compliance P&Ps should cover business continuity plans. How you address the critical issue of your firm’s BCP, however, is for the most part up to you. Your cybersecurity approach also dovetails with your BCP. In this collection you can find our continuously updated BCP/Cyber news, analysis, “best practices” tips, compliance P&Ps, templates, matrices and more.

SEC’s proposed cybersecurity rule for IAs




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