Business Continuity Planning/Cybersecurity

FBI can help funds with cyber-attacks

'Our primary goal is to provide relief'

SEC social media account hacked

Commission 'takes its cybersecurity obligations seriously,' Gensler claims

SEC Chairman Gensler describes hack of commission X account

"The SEC takes its cybersecurity obligations seriously. Commission staff are still assessing the impacts of this incident .... The staff also will continue to assess whether additional remedial measures are warranted

Review your cyber incident plan quarterly

"Effective practices" highlighted for incident preparation and response, the reporting of cyber incidents, and available resources and contact information

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The SEC is on the record: a firm’s compliance P&Ps should cover business continuity plans. How you address the critical issue of your firm’s BCP, however, is for the most part up to you. Your cybersecurity approach also dovetails with your BCP. In this collection you can find our continuously updated BCP/Cyber news, analysis, “best practices” tips, compliance P&Ps, templates, matrices and more.

SEC’s proposed cybersecurity rule for IAs




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