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SEC “staff reminds broker-dealers that the term ‘investment strategy’ ... is to be interpreted broadly”
B-D agrees to pay $1.25 million penalty
FINRA is proposing to impose new supervisory duties on firms
The former CEO of a New York broker-dealer and one of his trusted employees are facing stiff prison terms after they were arrested on charges ...
Regulation Best Interest expressly applies to account recommendations including recommendations of securities account types
Documentation is critical when questions arise about suitability
JP Morgan failed to provide available sales charge waivers in at least 58,000 transactions involving approximately 16,734 accounts
A Private Investment Fund or Privately-offered RIC should not be deemed to be "narrowly held"
B-Ds taping procedures found to be lacking
UITs have again become a source of pain
An investment adviser/broker-dealer has agreed to pay state authorities $250,000 to settle claims that it failed to supervise a rogue broker/investment adviser, authorities have announced. ...
The SEC claims this case is about lying, forgery, and other deceptive conduct by Alan Seidel and Benjamin Mekawy
Schwartz impersonated a customer on two telephone calls to an annuity company
The enforcement action was a long time coming
Laws and others fraudulently induced federal employees to rollover significant funds from their federal retirement accounts into annuities
Based on Critical’s net long position, it should have tendered only 5,500 Lockheed shares and received only 3,637 Leidos shares
Based on Bluefin’s net long position, it should have tendered only 4,103,463 Lockheed shares
Proposals address Reg BI, firm misconduct
A divided Commission has adopted a package of SEC rules and guidance that proponents hope will at long last bring some clarity to the securities-based ...
The U.S. House has passed a $1.4 trillion budget that will give SEC Chairman Jay Clayton a free hand to implement Reg BI but that ...

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