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'Pervasive and longstanding use of off-channel communications' costs two broker-dealers over $70M as recordkeeping initiative continues
Latest enforcement actions are a testament to the value of self-reporting and remediation measures taken
In light of recent exams and disciplinary actions, FINRA has identified areas in which broker-dealers' investigations into private placements could be strengthened
Come June 1, FINRA's BrokerCheck will reveal whether a broker-dealer is designated a "restricted firm" under rules 4111 and 9561
Equity-market based schemes, crypto-based fraud, rep impersonation all on the rise
FINRA enforcement action demonstrates need for independent AML testing and proper identification of who is conducting the testing
Concerns expressed by both compliance and trading desk about a new account opening fell on deaf ears
Four proposals address Regulation Best Execution, enhancing order competition, tick sizes and disclosure of order execution
FINRA group assesses impact of federal debt ceiling, regional banking crisis, rising interest rates, FTX collapse and digital assets
Form CRS surfaced undisclosed production credit fees for Merrill Lynch wrap fee program clients

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