Post-trade name give-up may still be necessary to accommodate trading mechanisms and infrastructures currently used for U.S. Treasury swap spreads that do not allow for ...
In response to significant concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, BCBS/IOSCO decided to amend its margin policy framework to further extend the implementation schedule for the ...
The eligible affiliate counterparties electing the exemption must pay and collect variation margin on swaps with all other eligible affiliate counterparties with whom they enter ...
The Commission continues to interpret the term ‘‘virtual currency’’ broadly
A peer shares the firm's checklist for branch office inspections
The final rules inadvertently omitted § 39.13(g)(8)(iii), which was not proposed to be modified
Both registered and exempt CPOs will be required to represent that they and their respective principals are not subject to certain statutory disqualifications under the ...
The pandemic and market volatility that “has reached historic levels” explain the change
The Commission is issuing the Interim Final Rule as a result of the coronavirus disease 2019
The Commission is proposing that non-U.S. CPOs may claim an exemption from registration with respect to its qualifying offshore commodity pools
“When the global benchmark contract for oil fluctuates in $50 swings two days in a row, something is broken—very broken”
The list of factors below is intended to provide a framework through which Division staff will evaluate the appropriate penalty to recommend to the Commission
The Commission restores text that had been inadvertently deleted in a prior rulemaking
The Commission proposes to exempt swaps entered into with a central bank, sovereign entity, or international financial institution from the Clearing Requirement
CIM placed orders at different bid and offer prices, but after being unable to fill the orders, Khorrami repeatedly modified the orders until the bid ...
The proposal would eliminate the ability to file a Form PF with the SEC to satisfy a CPO’s obligation to file Form CPO-PQR
the proposal would eliminate the pool-specific information currently required to be reported in Schedules B or C of the form
The revised compliance schedule mitigates the potential of a market disruption
The current turbulence in the markets will eventually subside
The CFTC and NFA are granting CPOs/CTAs additional time to file regulatory obligations given the coronavirus crisis

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