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Enforcement action will not be recommended against an SD for a failure to comply with the CFTC Margin Rule solely to the extent such compliance ...
Until June 30, 2023 enforcement action won't be recommended against any person for a failure to comply with the IRS Clearing Requirement when making a ...
Until June 30, 2023, no enforcement action will be recommended for failure to comply with the trade execution requirement with respect to an IBOR-linked swap ...
image of different currencies, focusing on USD and yuan
These fallback provisions are designed to ensure that transactions that reference LIBOR will continue to function following the cessation or non-representativeness of LIBOR by providing ...
A failure to provide the annual affirmation can result in the exemption being withdrawn
This and other actions by the CPO caused it not to “satisfy its duty of disclosure to participants and prospective participants,” which amount to fraud
Ironically, the government will get a big chunk of the cash back because whistleblower awards are taxable
"My poor judgement was that I failed to review these internal reports daily and take note of the fact that the reports was [SIC] not ...
The NFA amends the definition of branch office provided three conditions are met

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