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The Commission is proposing to issue an order granting conditional exemptive relief to SEC-registered clearing agencies also registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as ...
"The Commissions request comment on all aspects of the portfolio margining of uncleared swaps and non-cleared security-based swaps, including on the merits"
This minor correction notes that the final rule takes effect Nov. 13, 2020
This is a copy of the CFTC's organizational chart published by the agency in 2020
This guidance from the Enforcement Division highlights scenarios of how various efforts by firms to self-report, cooperate or remediate cases can result in lesser penalties
This joint final rule will lower the minimum margin level from 20% to 15% on unhedged futures' position
One new rule means a CFTC-registered CPO could opt for non-registration for one of its pools. But this CPO couldn’t be in the U.S. and ...
This rule lays out a process for derivatives clearing organizations outside the U.S. and satisfy the CFTC's requirements based on several criteria
This final rule permits a non-U.S. CPO to avoid CFTC registration, including basing the exemption on "a pool-by-pool basis" and laying out a safe harbor ...
One director compared the existing Form CPO-PQR with “a Jackson Pollock painting” that badly needed updating

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