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"The crypto industry’s record of failures, frauds, and bankruptcies is not because we don't have rules or because the rules are unclear. It’s because many ...
Enforcement director cautions that given the continued noncompliance in the crypto space, investors have "good reason" to be concerned about crypto's reliability and safety
"Individual liability for disclosure failures related to AI as a security threat may therefore be of particular interest to you"
"As we speak, there are investigative teams across the division poring through voluminous records to, for example, seek emergency relief to stop ongoing frauds"
"This enforcement action underscores the adverse consequences of the Commission’s approach to regulation in the crypto space and adds to the ambiguity that hangs over ...
Financial technology concept. FinTech. Foreign exchange.
A FINRA review of more than 500 crypto-asset related retail communications identified "potential violations" in 70% of the communications
Cryptocurrency has found its way onto both the SEC's and FINRA's list of 2024 focus areas
Commission 'takes its cybersecurity obligations seriously,' Gensler claims
SEC Chairman Gary Gensler
Today's "Commission action is cabined to ETPs holding one non-security commodity, bitcoin. It should in no way signal the Commission’s willingness to approve listing standards ...
"Today marks the end of an unnecessary, but consequential, saga"

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