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"The continuing refusal of the SEC to approve a spot bitcoin ETP is puzzling to many agency observers"
Court challenge a near certainty, while some wonder whether crypto is Chairman's target
Gary Gensler
"I think it’s important to shine light on these markets before any future such tremors arise"
The SEC's Division of Enforcement will nearly double the size of its newly renamed Crypto Assets and Cyber Unit
"Crypto may offer new ways for entrepreneurs to raise capital and for investors to trade, but we still need investor and market protection"
"If innovation is to thrive in a regulated space, regulation needs to leave room for experimentation, tinkering, and, yes, failure"
Advocate sees sign of industry's maturity
Peirce worries enforcement action may harm very investors it's designed to protect
"Lurking behind the legal analysis, however, is an important question:  Is the approach we are taking with crypto lending the best way to protect crypto ...
"I believe any regulatory response to digital assets must include measures to bring additional transparency to the conduct that makes this innovation possible"

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