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While larger firms tend to give best ex reviews to committees, too many smaller firms make the mistake of lacking any best ex reviews
The best ex failures were first detected via FINRA's sweep examination of firms offering zero commission trading
'Chair Gensler’s use of the SEC as a political tool is deeply concerning...'
FINRA proposes to faciliate centralized access to broker-dealers' order execution quality reports for NMS stocks
Gensler has 'failed' in his mission, Committee Chairman claims
Four proposals address Regulation Best Execution, enhancing order competition, tick sizes and disclosure of order execution
Best ex has sat atop the agency’s list of issues for a long time
A business man in denial. An image using humour to represent ignorance, denial and obstinate views we see when people refuse to see the truth.
A host of compliance slip-ups and CCO changes feed into this enforcement action
Mutual fund share class selection/best ex case has Peirce and Uyeda claiming the SEC is "creating novel regulatory interpretations through enforcement"
Business Team Investment Entrepreneur Trading discussing and analysis graph stock market trading,stock chart concept
Respondents violated their duty to seek best execution on behalf of their clients by placing client transactions with HSC without evaluating whether HSC’s transaction fees ...

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