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The final rule also permits a fund’s board to designate a “valuation designee” to perform fair value determinations. The valuation designee can be the investment ...
Say, your policy calls for a pro rata allocation. Here’s one example of how this might work
Single broker quote pricing quality controls were not effectively or consistently implemented
Hester Peirce
In "a welcome improvement from the proposal, a valuation designee now will have 20 days to determine whether a matter is material and five days ...
The rule recognizes “the important role that funds’ investment advisers may play and the expertise they may provide,” states the SEC
This is the SEC's recordkeeping rule tied to good faith fund valuations
This rule gives investment advisers broad fund valuation duties as 'valuation designees'
The SEC’s recent risk alert on COVID-19 challenges private fund advisers to come up with “creative” solutions to a new, and world-historic, phenomenon, experts tell ...
The former SEC staffer called the proposal “fundamentally flawed” and “not legally viable”
Public company quotes “aren’t a great comp” because “the chaos that the pandemic has caused” means their valuations aren’t connected to the company’s fundamentals either

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