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SRO has reported seeing successful "social engineering" attacks
His computer screen turned red and a message flashed that his data were being held for ransom
Mario Hernandez, CFP®, director of operations at Gemmer Asset Management in Walnut Creek, Calif., shares his firm's cyber P&P related to employee security roles. ...
These steps will allow you to go to the questionable website without putting the potentially malicious site in your browser history
Continually assessing your firm's cyber resiliency methodology recommended
OCIE hopes "these observations" will spur you "to reflect on their own cybersecurity practices”
There's an increased risk of private litigation tied to data breaches
"Cyber threat actors are becoming more aggressive and sophisticated"
You're directed to report “if your cloud service providers have been affected by this attack"
Use this tool to reveal a vendor's approach to privacy and cybersecurity
Check out this due diligence questionnaire
If you’re part of a larger organization you could fall under the cyber reg
“There is likely no greater threat to financial stability than a large-scale cyber incident”
The report states that firms must “accept the reality that cyber breaches are inevitable”
Having an entity test its ability to infiltrate your network stands as a confirmed cybersecurity best practice. However, you may want to ask your vendor ...
Check your peers for a recipe on effective cybersecurity
The SEC doesn’t require that firms encrypt sensitive documents
The CAT is full-steam ahead for implementation in 2022
What cyber challenges currently exist in the industry? Adam Fletcher, BlackstoneRight now I’m thinking a lot about third party risk, with “cloud” being a subset ...
An 8-page cybersecurity questionnaire for your vendors

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