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Broken computer hard disk drive isolated on white background: abstract for data security, and data back up concepts.
Eliminating sensitive computer data can be as stubborn as a tempestuous two-year-old. But failing to do so, can come with a high cost
Technological advancements, changing demographics and rapid growth are capturing the attention of the Division of Investment Management
Crowd booing
You now have until May 22 to share your comments with the SEC
Proponents see existential threats grow exponentially
Digital illustration of hand reaching out from a laptop screen to steal a credit card. This illustrates the cyber crime of identity theft and credit card fraud.
The current Reg S-P requires firms to alert customers how they will use their information. The SEC proposed amending Reg S-P in 2008 but it ...
SEC Commissioner Lizarraga
Given cyber breaches, "we must do everything in our power to enhance cybersecurity practices by market participants and to protect investors’ sensitive personal information"
Masked theif wearing all black steals computer secrets or commits identity theft on an office or home laptop computer. Cyper crimes concept.
The SEC proposes a new rule and form and amendments to existing recordkeeping rules to require broker-dealers, clearing agencies, major security-based swap participants, the Municipal ...
Worried woman in the night buying online at home
If the SEC bothers to put out an exam alert for a regulation that’s a decade old, you know it’s looking to make a statement
High angle shot of a group of businesspeople using their digital tablets
Thanks to Pamela Gupta, president of Outsecure, a cybersecurity consulting firm in Shelton, Conn., for allowing us to share this with you
clouds and blue sky seen from planeclouds and blue sky seen from plane
Downsides of using the cloud include a limited number of cloud service providers and the lack of bargaining power by smaller financial services firms

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