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“The central question is, ‘Are you breaching your fiduciary by focusing on these ‘political’ questions or are you actually upholding your fiduciary by upholding value ...
Court of Law Trial in Session: Portrait of Honorable Female Judge Reading Decision. Presiding Justice Pronouncing Sentence. Not Guilty Verdict Judgment.
This is a fundamental violation of an investment advisers’ fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of its clients, according to the judge
"The rule’s invocation of the term 'material' is a red herring"
The last two years have seen the SEC adopt rules providing investors with disclosures on emerging risks like climate control, cybersecurity and SPACs
Young frustrated colleagues arguing about paperwork on a meeting with their coworkers in the office. Copy space.
‘Tis the season for Form ADV updates for most advisers, so it’s worth heeding a compliance lesson tied to faulty disclosures
The new rule 'will allow investment advisers and funds to have access to climate information from companies that will be necessary to inform related ESG ...
The amendments expand the scope of entities subject to Exchange Act rule 605, and modify the content of order information reported
Come June 30, rule amendments aimed at improving the accessibility of order routing disclosures for NMS stocks will be in place
HG Vora's required report on its control purpose and current ownership position was filed a week late and on the same day acquisition bid made
SEC Commissioner Crenshaw
"Given our clear authority, rolling back the proposal is a missed opportunity. It remains my great hope that a future Commission will rise to the ...

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