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Rule targets business development companies and other closed-end investment companies
An investment adviser’s fiduciary duty includes, among other things, an obligation to seek best execution for client transactions
Issue tied to breaches of limitations on an IC's ownership interests in another
he new procedures will be effective nine months from their publication
"we are adopting an expedited review process for routine applications, an informal internal procedure for applications that would not qualify for the expedited process, and ...
"The health and safety of all participants in the securities markets is of paramount importance"
The relief has now been extended to "at least" Dec. 31
The firm's compliance department knew it had monitoring issues
A routine FINRA cycle exam uncovered the issues
Goldstein fired back with a letter to the SEC laced with humor
The statement levels “the playing field for funds in states with control share statutes, but it doesn’t put an end to activism”
Large penalty even though dual registrant began reimbursing 12b-1 fees in 2016
Oxbow did not adequately disclose all material facts regarding the conflict of interest that arose when it invested advisory clients in a share class that ...
Jay Clayton
I echo the staff’s reminder to market participants that any actions taken by a board of a fund, including with regard to control share statutes, ...
The staff would not recommend enforcement action to the Commission against a closed-end fund under for opting in to and triggering a control share statute ...
Defendants also violated their fiduciary duty by failing adequately to disclose to their clients the conflict of interest inherent in these transactions
RBC disadvantaged certain retirement plan and charitable organization brokerage customers who maintained accounts at RBC
Making sure everyone’s on the same page is literally another challenge
Here are seven best practices to avoid enforcement trouble
Boards would have to ensure that investment advisers report no less than quarterly on a range of issues

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