Private Funds

In the wake of the most sweeping regulations since the financial crisis, Gensler was grilled this week by members of the Senate’s Banking, Housing and ...
Private fund
This final rule creates six new Advisers Act rules and modifies two others and becomes effective Nov. 13, 2023
Notice puts industry on the clock
First compliance deadlines take effect 60 days from Sept. 14
'The clock is ticking'
The SEC's crackdown on custody rule violations has yielded five new enforcement cases, all of them small private fund advisers.
Compliance may not be a check-the-box exercise anymore, but you've still got to check the boxes
Businessman leaps through tropical waters in a mad splash after his falling laptop
The adviser failed to distribute required audited financials
Scared woman is falling under boss pressure - career pressure concept
The audits were completed pursuant to the International Standards on Auditing, not U.S. GAAS requirements; and the auditor was not registered with the PCAOB, resulting ...
The adviser purported to rely on the exception to the qualified custodian requirement but did not obtain an audit of each of the Funds and ...
Senior woman falling down stone steps
The firm also did not properly describe the status of its fund’s financial statement audits when filing its Forms ADV and did not update certain ...

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