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The ruckus stirred by the Robinhood fiasco earlier this year also exposes a risk for compliance officers. Could your access persons evade your personal trading ...
The most embarrassing evidence examiners uncovered was firms that prohibited such trades yet were unaware that “these trades had occurred.” The risk alert encourages best ...
Examiners found deficiencies related to inadequate disclosures and compliance programs that failed to measure up. For instance, some advisers didn’t monitor “the trading activity in ...
Krista Zipfel, former CEO/president of Advisor Solutions Group in Newport Beach, Calif., shares her firm's advertising checklist.
Nearly two-thirds of the examined advisers received staff-issued deficiency letters, which addressed the staff’s observations regarding a variety of topics. However, the vast majority of ...
Advisers did not monitor the trading activity in clients’ accounts or their monitoring activities were ineffective
A peer passes on a checklist the firm's B-D uses to inspect branch offices for compliance
It is preferable to not allow employees to BYOD (bring their own devices to work), but it’s not realistic in most cases to prevent it

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