CPO/CTA Latest News

“When the global benchmark contract for oil fluctuates in $50 swings two days in a row, something is broken—very broken”
The proposal would eliminate the ability to file a Form PF with the SEC to satisfy a CPO’s obligation to file Form CPO-PQR
The current turbulence in the markets will eventually subside
The CFTC and NFA are granting CPOs/CTAs additional time to file regulatory obligations given the coronavirus crisis
The NFA grants the exception to CTAs/RIAs after having reviewed SEC advertising rules
Taking this action will stop future NFA notices alerting you to file Form PR
Depending on who you listen to, the proposal either ignores Congress’ intent or makes common sense
The SRO provides two steps to check on registration/exemption status
Gain greater insight into how to do your break-even analysis for the NFA
You're directed to report “if your cloud service providers have been affected by this attack"

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