BD Rules & Regulatory Actions

Due to the intermittent inaccessibility of physical certificates at DTC as a result of ongoing concerns related to the effects of COVID–19, sell orders for ...
The final rule defines the term covered broker or dealer as ‘‘a covered financial company that is a qualified broker or dealer’’
At the time he was fired, Tropiano was married to the daughter of Respondent. Tropiano went to see Respondent, his father-in-law, for advice on finding ...
Pizzuti was associated with other broker-dealers registered with the Commission, some of which were also registered as investment advisers
After considering the comments received on the Proposal to rescind the Fee Exception,6 the Commission has determined that the Fee Exception is no longer appropriate ...
The Commission’s complaint further alleged that, of the $2.4 million in unlawful commissions generated from the unauthorized trading, Desiderio received over $390,000
Perez received $137,275 in commissions from his fraudulent conduct
Turney received $281,914 in commissions from his fraudulent conduct
IB did not have sufficient resources in its compliance function to adequately review and/or address the issues identified by its surveillance systems
The fact that the recipient of the recommendation is a regulated financial services industry professional would not excuse a firm from complying with Regulation Best ...

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