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If you’re with a U.S.-based adviser that escaped having to comply with the EU GDPR, it’s very likely that the UK version won’t touch you ...
The form of cyber-attack employs compromised client login credentials
The GLBA shield offers advisers that fall under the CCPA no protection regarding data breaches, though. Penalties can sting
Investors may seek choices in how their personal data is made available to and used by their investment advisers, just as they may seek choices ...
The coronavirus crisis has forced many firms to stitch together patchwork telecommuting arrangements even as the world economy faces its worst days since the 1930s. ...
The Commission restores text that had been inadvertently deleted in a prior rulemaking
“If you’re subject to the law, it doesn’t really matter if you’re in or outside of California”
There's an increased risk of private litigation tied to data breaches
Hester Peirce
Privacy regulations of this sort can be very difficult for investment advisers and others in the financial services industry who are also subject to extensive ...
Use this tool to reveal a vendor's approach to privacy and cybersecurity

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