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'It's been a busy few weeks'
'It's risky to go it alone,' experts warn
The regulators justify the proposed changes by noting Form PF data came up short in the early days of the pandemic
In a split 3-2 vote, the SEC proposed amendments to Form PF to enhance the reporting requirements for all private fund filers and large hedge ...
SEC Commissioner Uyeda
"Each change to Form PF imposes additional costs on private fund advisers. The Commission fails to consider the cumulative costs of its proposed changes"
SEC Commissioner Crenshaw
"More investor funds are flowing into these new or emerging spaces where our observability is significantly more limited than in the public markets. Making sure ...
"The proposal would expand reporting requirements about a large hedge fund’s open positions and certain large positions. These requirements would provide insight into the extent ...
"Today’s proposal stretches a very limited data collection tool beyond its intended purpose"
"The proposed amendments to Form PF are thoughtfully tailored and informed by more than a decade of experience with the form"

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