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Commission "conflates" investor protection with risk mitigation, association says.
The SEC claims the more “robust data” that PE advisers would have to file “could lead to more resilient financial markets and instill stronger investor ...
Advocate sees sign of industry's maturity
"The nature, scale, and interconnectedness of these fund sectors, though, also pose issues for financial stability"
Rule proposals open private funds' year of living dangerously
"The private fund industry has grown in size to a net asset value $11 trillion and evolved in terms of business practices, complexity of fund ...
"This proposal is an important step that seeks to put the Commission and FSOC in a better position to understand, assess, and take action regarding ...
"Congress did not conceive of Form PF to facilitate the Commission’s desire to inoculate well-heeled investors against downturns, losses, or fund failures"
"Today’s proposal would provide critical tools to help the Commission and the FSOC in making timely determinations as to whether certain events could pose systemic risks"
The proposed amendments also are designed to collect additional data for the Commission’s use in its regulatory programs, including examinations, investigations and investor protection efforts ...

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