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Reg D reform, once consigned to bottom of SEC's to-do list, rockets to the top.
A CFTC final rule amending Form CPO-PQR last fall precipitated the new FAQs
Seven arrests in five separate cases have put plenty of arrows into reformers' quivers.
'The SEC must grow and evolve with the industry,' chairman says.
After seven years, the CFTC is changing Form CPO-PQR because it doesn't use all of the data the form requires CPOs to submit
Nearly 35% of all private funds—and almost 52% of qualified hedge funds—were domiciled in the Caymans, SEC data show.
One director compared the existing Form CPO-PQR with “a Jackson Pollock painting” that badly needed updating
The proposal would eliminate the ability to file a Form PF with the SEC to satisfy a CPO’s obligation to file Form CPO-PQR
the proposal would eliminate the pool-specific information currently required to be reported in Schedules B or C of the form
The Commission has been monitoring the effects of COVID-19 and is now extending the exemptions with certain modifications in light of its current understanding of ...

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