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“We need to understand better what the heck happened here”
Jay Clayton
I look forward to hearing the Committee’s insights into the effects of the pandemic on the asset management industry and, in particular, our long-term Main ...
Jay Clayton
I echo the staff’s reminder to market participants that any actions taken by a board of a fund, including with regard to control share statutes, ...
My views and support for effective disclosure on “decision useful” information, including the modernization of financial disclosures ... are not new to you"
"The rules create significant risks arising from reduced transparency for investors and potentially facilitating increased economic concentration, the latter risk being especially acute for small ...
Hester Peirce
"Let’s keep using our tried and true disclosure framework, which is rooted in materiality and is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of issuers, ...
There is no ability for the customer to access the FDIC insured bank sweep account directly and/or without going through the broker-dealer
FINRA is uniquely qualified to provide the Commission with a familiar and consolidated platform for standalone SBSEs and bank SBSEs to file the FOCUS Report
It is no surprise we have observed the presence of uncertainty regarding the financial and operating status of companies and municipal issuers
Hester Peirce
These changes, however, do not address the deeper problem with the CAT, namely the significant costs that a comprehensive surveillance tool of this type presents ...
We are consulting with a wide array of experts and stakeholders with diverse perspectives, including investment advisers, including those that manage mutual funds and hedge ...
Hester Peirce
I also look forward to the hearing your observations on shareholder engagement at the virtual shareholder meetings that have been held since the pandemic began
The virtual meeting format is something that many companies may have not attempted before.  I look forward to your insights into potential practices that companies ...
If an adviser uses the PPP money to pay the salaries of your employees you would need to disclose this fact
There is no question that advisers acted in conformity with the Commission’s Form ADV. The Commission cannot turn around now and claim—with the threat of ...
“The importance of understanding what is happening in the markets is greater than ever”
This relief will provide Introducing Industry Members with additional time to prepare effectively for certain CAT reporting phases
Order Granting Conditional Exemptive Relief Governing the Consolidated Audit Trail
Because of the unique nature of the SCSD Initiative, this Order and the circumstances under which it was issued shall not be relied upon by ...
Will OCIE use a firm’s “reliance on the temporary relief” as an excuse to examine an adviser?

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