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SEC Chairman Gary Gensler
Gensler tells Congress the final private funds rule "was adjusted in multiple ways based on public feedback on the proposal"
"Regulation D, first adopted in the early 1980s, has become one of the most important exemptions for companies looking to raise capital outside of registration. ...
"Having a robust private market contributes to the health of our economy, and we should not look to impose public-market-style regulations on private markets"
SEC Commissioner Lizarraga
"Income and wealth thresholds are not the sole measure of financial sophistication"
SEC Chairman Gary Gensler
"Today’s adoption will modernize the Names Rule in a number of ways for today’s markets"
"As long as fund managers stick within the confines of plain English or industry usage, they have reasonable discretion to define terms in a fund’s ...
SEC Commissioner Crenshaw
"These are common sense changes that protect investors by ensuring that a fund says what it means, and means what it says"
"I am particularly concerned with the potential lack of transparency as to how the Commission’s staff will administer the rule"
SEC Commissioner Lizarraga
"The fund industry today is diverse, with more funds pursuing ESG strategies or reporting more holdings in derivatives"
"The Commission argued that registered smaller advisers could sidestep the rule’s costs by reducing their assets under management below the required SEC registration threshold. Urging smaller ...

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