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SEC Commissioner Uyeda
Recent "failures by certain U.S. regional banks have raised questions as to whether those boards had sufficient knowledge and appreciation of interest rate risks associated ...
Global communication network concept. Social media. Worldwide business.
DOE has set out to “remind firms” of the upcoming LIBOR “Cessation Date” of June 30th and to pass along what your peers have done
Stacks of coins with the letters LIBOR isolated on white background
Several challenges exist to a smooth and orderly transition away from LIBOR and DOE encourages all firms to be aware of such issues
SEC Commissioner Uyeda
"One significant concern relates to the potential for the SEC to adopt final complex rules with compliance dates in close proximity to each other"
"It may sound like I am exaggerating the scope required to make these disclosure standards work, but let us be clear about this: This effort ...
SEC Commissioner Uyeda
"The SEC’s current regulatory agenda is ambitious, with such an extensive list of proposals not seen since the 2008 financial crisis and the enactment of ...
Global finance means just that. If your firm has its sights on opening an office in Singapore, gain tips from a peer who’s traveled that ...
SEC Chairman Gary Gensler
"It is important that any rate used to replace LIBOR be robust and not ill clad"
SEC Commissioner Uyeda
"The Commission currently is in the midst of an ambitious rulemaking agenda.  Many of the recently-proposed rules are geared toward the asset management industry"
William Birdthistle
The "Commission noted that asset managers may engage with service providers with international operations and, therefore, generally should consider potential risks related to outsourcing beyond ...

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