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"Regulators should be expected to exercise appropriate judgement in carrying out its investigative and sanctioning authority and to have an articulable basis for those decisions. ...
SEC Commissioner Lizarraga
"We proposed reforms that would require funds and advisers to stand by their ESG claims, and accurately communicate to investors how they are incorporating ESG ...
SEC Chairman Gary Gensler
"It is important that any rate used to replace LIBOR be robust and not ill clad. Certain alternatives being considered in the markets, however, present ...
If the Federal Trade Commission has its way, private equity fund advisers engaged in large acquisitions would have to report their significant limited partners as ...
Thinking asian financier in glasses accountant working with documents and accounts, using laptop, male businessman doing paperwork in sitting at desk inside office building.
Six years of 'no-action' relief around soft dollars research quietly end
"I am disappointed that the SEC staff has decided not to extend the MiFID II Relief for a modest additional period to accommodate these potential ...
Flags of the member states of the European Union
Participating in a global economy carries a lot more responsibilities now, especially given the explosion of U.S. government sanctions
SEC Commissioner Uyeda
"Given the increase in U.S. interest in international investments, the SEC should be respectful of the differing regulatory regimes developed by foreign jurisdictions"
SEC Commissioner Uyeda
Recent "failures by certain U.S. regional banks have raised questions as to whether those boards had sufficient knowledge and appreciation of interest rate risks associated ...
Global communication network concept. Social media. Worldwide business.
DOE has set out to “remind firms” of the upcoming LIBOR “Cessation Date” of June 30th and to pass along what your peers have done

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