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Large size broker-dealers will be allowed to comply with Consolidated Audit Trail requirements over a new, phased timeline, and small-to-medium sized firms that had been ...
An employer that applied for a PPP loan, received payment, and repays the loan by the safe harbor deadline (May 14, 2020) will be treated ...
The outbreak of COVID-19 has had far-reaching effects, with small businesses being particularly affected by the closures and safety measures designed to slow the spread ...
Private equity or hedge funds that took out loans designed to help small businesses survive the coronavirus meltdown now have until May 7 to return ...
If an adviser uses the PPP money to pay the salaries of your employees you would need to disclose this fact
"We figured out how to function and we should be satisfied with that for now without risking the health of our employees and families"
Advisers receiving PPP loans should disclosure this to their clients
The SEC is seeking comment on new regulations that would allow boards of registered funds to delegate valuations to firm investment advisers—regulations that if adopted ...
The SEC on April 24 announced that it had formed a 12-member committee that will monitor precarious markets as the coronavirus crisis continues its horrible ...
Hedge funds and private equity firms are primarily engaged in investment or speculation, and such businesses are therefore ineligible to receive a PPP loan
“The importance of understanding what is happening in the markets is greater than ever”
Four compliance officers share their views on coping with the crisis
Making sure everyone’s on the same page is literally another challenge
This list comes courtesy of Joseph Lazzarotti, a principal with Jackson Lewis in Berkeley Heights, N.J.
“New York is the only state in the Union that does not register these important investment professionals”
The change is being made to mitigate potential filing delays due to the ongoing impacts of COVID-19
An adviser should consider whether investments are recommended only to those clients who can and are willing to tolerate the risks
This relief will provide Introducing Industry Members with additional time to prepare effectively for certain CAT reporting phases
Order Granting Conditional Exemptive Relief Governing the Consolidated Audit Trail
"We’re built for connections and the only way we can do that now is virtually, and we must”

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