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Commission rushing to judgment, Republicans warn
Lavish bounties tempt whistleblower in a Washington committed to fight against 'corruption'
Like cars whipping around a racetrack, some compliance issues have a knack of coming around again and again
The Commission's program has awarded $1.3 billion to nearly 300 whistleblowers over the last dozen years
SEC Chairman Gensler
"I was pleased to support these amendments because they will help whistleblowers when eligible to receive appropriate awards for reporting potential violations of the law ...
"Although the changes to the rules are inconsequential because they are not logical solutions to any existing problems, they nonetheless further complicate the already byzantine ...
SEC Commissioner Uyeda
"Today’s amendments are not aimed at remediating any known or identified weaknesses with the current whistleblower rules"
This is a final rule from 2022 amending the Commission's whistleblower rules
This is an example of an escalation policy designed to help a firm direct whistleblower claims up the ladder. This was prepared by Patricia Foster, ...
SEC Commissioner Peirce
"The Commission, however, must be cautious about using the settlement process to obtain voluntary compliance with requirements that it lacks statutory authority to impose"

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