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Like the SEC, the CFTC has now imposed over $1 billion in penalties for charges tied to offline communications violations
The CFTC proposes to to eliminate a provision disqualifying the securities issued by certain pooled investment funds that transfer their assets through securities lending, securities ...
Wooden hammer with gold details and books in the background.
The CFTC seeks comments on the adoption of certain risk management programs, including the governance and structure of such programs, the enumerated risks these programs must ...
Two business people arguin at the office
This final rule makes it unlawful for any officer, director, supervised person, or employee of a security-based swap dealer or major security-based swap participant to ...
The comment period for the SEC's swaps proposal has now been extended to August 21
SEC Commissioner Crenshaw
"The rule is designed to safeguard the independence and objectivity of a security-based swap entity’s CCO by preventing the personnel of that entity from taking ...
"Protecting the independence of these CCOs’ work protects investors and benefits market integrity"
SEC Commissioner Peirce
"Will subjecting every interaction between employees and a CCO to potential legal liability empower the CCO to do her job or simply make employees less ...
The "final rule does not contain any safe harbor for hedging activities arising out of lending activities"
SEC Commissioner Lizarraga
"The integrity of the swaps market depends on CCOs being able to perform this role free from coercion, threats, manipulation, and any other form of ...

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