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The correction affects swaps recordkeeping by broker-dealers and OTC derivatives dealers
olicy issues are "part of a larger story about the intersection of finance and technology"
November 8 has now been set as the first compliance date for Regulation SBSR
The CCO is responsible for establishing and administering the compliance program that is designed to prevent violations of the obligations of a swap data repository ...
ISDA requests that the Divisions maintain the status quo prior to Brexit by (i) allowing U.S. SDs to continue to treat the UK as one ...
To assist potential applicants for substituted compliance under Rule 3a71-6, staff has prepared guidance regarding applications for substituted compliance
The Final Rule establishes two exemptions from the trade execution requirement for swaps, both of which are linked to the Commission’s exemptions from, and exceptions ...
To alleviate the operational burdens associated with making de minimis margin transfers without resulting in an unacceptable level of uncollateralized credit risk, our rules provide ...
This final rule would add 16 agricultural items and metals to the existing 9 commodities facing position limits, bringing the total to 25
This final rule spells out the granting of exemptions from registration for certain derivatives clearing organization (DCOs)

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