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The Commission is issuing the Interim Final Rule to amend the CFTC Margin Rule by deferring for one year to September 1, 2021, compliance with ...
In response to significant concerns regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, BCBS/IOSCO decided to amend its margin policy framework to further extend the implementation schedule for the ...
The eligible affiliate counterparties electing the exemption must pay and collect variation margin on swaps with all other eligible affiliate counterparties with whom they enter ...
The final rules inadvertently omitted § 39.13(g)(8)(iii), which was not proposed to be modified
The pandemic and market volatility that “has reached historic levels” explain the change
The SEC issues a slight correction of its swap recordkeeping rule for B-Ds
The Commission is issuing the Interim Final Rule as a result of the coronavirus disease 2019
“When the global benchmark contract for oil fluctuates in $50 swings two days in a row, something is broken—very broken”
FINRA is uniquely qualified to provide the Commission with a familiar and consolidated platform for standalone SBSEs and bank SBSEs to file the FOCUS Report
The Commission proposes to exempt swaps entered into with a central bank, sovereign entity, or international financial institution from the Clearing Requirement
The IAA: The proposal remains vague and would leave advisers open “to second-guessing in hindsight"
The revised compliance schedule mitigates the potential of a market disruption
Comment period reopened for certain SD repository and data reporting requirements
The Commission is also proposing revisions to streamline the requirements for reporting new swaps
These matters are currently the subject of relief in certain no-action letters from Commission staff
Rule includes an interpretation addressing the application of the portfolio reconciliation, portfolio compression, and trading relationship documentation requirements to cross-border security-based swap activities
The Commission is providing guidance regarding the application of certain uses of the terms ‘‘arranged’’ and ‘‘negotiated’’
The existing framework is largely a historical remnant of an approach that predates cash-settled futures contracts
The Commission is granting this nine-month extension because it believes the temporary exemptions from these provisions warrant further consideration
The proposal addresses the cross-border application of the registration thresholds and certain requirements applicable to swap dealers and major swap participants

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