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Examiners, enforcers focused on conflicts, disclosures, experts warn
Perceptive omitted to disclose that Perceptive personnel shared ownership of the SPAC sponsors
Sen. Warren would like to see the SEC "continue pushing against the fundamentally misaligned incentives for shareholders" in the SPACs space
Gatekeeper provisions earn industry ire
SEC Chairman Gensler
'Either way,' Chairman says, 'we need to hear from you...'
SEC Commissioner Crenshaw
Dem commissioner sees 'poor incentives,' worries about dilution, shareholder protection
SEC Chairman Gensler
"Today’s agenda also includes the SEC’s proposal on SPACs. SPACs, as you know, go public in two stages .... these paths don’t offer the same ...
"As you consider the proposal, be mindful of the fact that it addresses more than just SPACs; for example, it would deem any business combination ...
SEC Commissioner Crenshaw
"I think we cannot have a conversation about integrity of the public markets, without acknowledging that more capital is raised in the private markets every ...
'The failure to take an otherwise routine step makes sense only in the larger context of the Commission’s newfound hostility to SPAC capital formation.'

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