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Hester Peirce
The Division of Examinations’ new ESG risk alert “needs some context,” Commissioner Hester Peirce says in a new statement of her own. Peirce says she ...
“Ladies and gentlemen, these are my principles,” a great moral philosopher once said. “And if you don’t like them—well, I have others.” For the past ...
"Fiduciaries should be mindful of these competing concerns so as not to risk undermining the foundation of how shareholders engage with corporate management .... I ...
Pension plan fiduciaries don’t have to cast every one of their clients’ proxy votes but whatever decision they make must be made “prudently and solely ...
This DOL final rule lays out what an ERISA fiduciary must do if it votes proxies on behalf of investors
Under the proposed amendment, a shareholder could satisfy any one of these thresholds to be eligible to submit a proposal
Two specific disclosures about the use of automated voting are encouraged in the new guidance
"we believe that an investment adviser that uses automated voting should consider disclosing" these two things
"We have declined to adopt such a prescriptive approach at this time, but rather have focused on an incremental principles-based approach in order to see ...
Proxy Voting
A peer has shared a copy of the firm's proxy voting guidelines

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