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"If you participate in a wrap program, the wrap fee you pay to the Sponsor will not include Trading Costs if we 'trade away,' or ...
"When FMR serves as subadviser, you do not directly pay a fee to us. Instead, as compensation for our discretionary subadvisory services, we receive a ...
"WCMT principals will interview the client and gather documents from the client to allow the firm to identify the client’s ultimate financial goals"
"we offer our services in wrap fee advisory programs sponsored by unaffiliated financial advisors, broker-dealers, financial planners and banks"
"We will not implement or change your investment strategy without getting your approval"
This same FAQ reminds that the purpose of the form is disclosure and not marketing
SEC releases new Form CRS FAQs days before June 30th deadline
In a Wrap Program, we generally receive from .125% to 1.00% in annual compensation, depending on the program sponsor, type of account
Advisers and B-Ds should especially focus on rollovers and 401(k) withdrawals
Our employees are paid a fixed salary, an annual performance-based cash bonus and participation in either direct equity holdings or an equity-linked deferred compensation plan
This is an example of a 4-page Form CRS for a dual registrant
This example features a two-column format
“It was very difficult” to condense it down to two pages
Some firms have already published their Form CRS. Here are some examples
Confluence sales personnel are compensated based on a portion of the fees paid to Confluence for advisory services, creating a conflict in that they have ...
Our affiliate may pass along certain transactional costs associated with acting as custodian for your account, but we do have the authority to waive these ...
Marilyn Cohen has over 35 years of investment management experience. See her complete background at ...
You should understand and ask us about these conflicts because they can affect the investment advice we provide you
Our financial professionals also have the ability to receive commissions from clients
Digital advisors and broker-dealers sprung up as a way to simplify the lives of ordinary investors. Now those companies that famously disrupted the financial services ...

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