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Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) investing

"As there’s not a standardized meaning of these sustainability-related terms, I’ve asked staff to consider recommendations about whether fund managers should disclose the criteria and ...
"ESG standard-setting, by contrast, as the draft recommendation acknowledges, is a much more fluid project that covers a wide range of issues, many of which ...
"I urge the IFRS Foundation not to wade into sustainability standard-setting because doing so would (i) improperly equate sustainability standards with financial reporting standards, (ii) ...
The goal of the CFA standards is to help investors determine if ESG is right for them
Activist groups gunning for board member
Corporate boards will have to get ahead of ESG disclosures whether SEC mandates them or not, Dem says
To effectively address climate and ESG risks, boards need adequate expertise on these subjects. Investors are increasingly emphasizing their expectation on this point
Advisory titan wants 'equalized transparency'
'We should update the transparency regimes,' Chairman says.
"[W]e have to be mindful that asset managers’ interests are not necessarily the same as those of true investors .... the SEC’s regulatory role should be limited ...

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