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an accident scene
Odds are your firm will suffer a computer breach, if it hasn’t already—and you may not even know it
Man offers the Emergency plan for business.
The firm contemplated a plan to respond to a criminal escaping from a nearby hospital who then threatened the public. Six months later, “that actual ...
Aerial view of fire department firetrucks extinguishing wildfire burning severely in Florida jungle woods. Emergency service firemen trying to put down flames in forest.
This comes from the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency
Be aware that once things settle down, staff will seek to reach loved ones above anything else
Jill Grenda, managing director at Hardin Compliance Consulting outside Pittsburgh, kindly shares her BCP Checklist
The CCO had only minutes to flee. He gripped his briefcase and pocketed cash and escaped with the clothes he was wearing. A neighbor three ...
SRO has confirmed the value and effectiveness of rule 4730 and will maintain the BCP rule without change
SEC to be remote through Jan. 3, sources say
The SEC has stated that a firm’s compliance P&Ps should cover business continuity plans
Would-be SEC chairman Gary Gensler had a fairly sunny day of it at his Senate confirmation hearing, but there was a brief rumble that, for ...

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