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The girl trader follows the charts on the monitor and negotiates by phone. Two monitors with graphs on rising index.
This P&P comes courtesy of Lisa Marsden, president of Coulter Strategic Services in Coral Springs, Fla.
The topic of soft dollars has lost some of its luster among examiners but enforcement actions continue to emerge from the agency. Expenses, however, remain ...
Objective reviews refer to looking at client objectives versus how the account was actually managed
The issue of integrating with older data can be one of the 'bumps in the road' toward using a new system
A peer shares a sample trade allocation policy
“Millions of Americans are committing financial suicide"
Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP June 24, 2019 Investment Company Act of 1940 – Sections 5(b), 13(a)(1) and 34(b) June 24, 2019 RESPONSE OF ...
Investors moving to put their money into companies that do good appears as hot as an Arizona solar panel in July. A new report on ...
Hedge fund advisers lured by rapid growth in the more than $300 billion alternative mutual funds market are increasingly becoming involved with the funds either ...
Former SEC Division of Investment Management Director Norm Champ talks about the hedge fund industry.

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