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DOL Fiduciary Duty Rule

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The effect of the decision doesn’t vacate the rollover exemption but could well confuse advisers as to how to comply with it
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Investment managers can consider “the economic effects of climate change and other environmental, social, or governance factors” when making investment decisions under ERISA without risking ...
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The SEC also is conducting rulemaking on disclosures by mutual funds, other SEC-regulated investment companies, and SEC-regulated investment advisers designed to provide consistent standards for ...
A peer shares the firm's rollover form created to comply with the Labor Department's new rollover exemption
It’s possible the SEC could alert the DOL to violations of its exemption rules. When the DOL shows up, though, it’s usually too late, he ...
Click here to download an Excel file that compares vendors that offer costs data to help in complying with the DOL’s new rollover exemption (RCW, ...
A peer shares a document that can aid an adviser in deciding whether to advise a client to rollover his assets into an adviser-managed IRA
A peer shares a worksheet to use when a client seeks to rollover her 401(k) assets into an adviser-managed IRA
This form helps with documentation of rollovers
The DOL has stated that it will begin enforcing at the end of this month whether ERISA fiduciaries are following the department’s five-year-old impartial conduct ...

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