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"Last month, we finalized a rule that, among other things, will require private fund advisers registered with the Commission to provide detailed disclosure to investors ...
"Registered investment advisers grew by 20 percent .... the number of private funds advised by registered investment advisers increased by 50 percent to approximately 50,000. ...
American Politics and Grassroots Policy - Money
“We would assume a massive selloff in equities” should Congress not act in time
"Private fund investors often are retirement funds and endowments .... That’s why we proposed a rule to require private fund advisers to provide detailed reporting ...
SEC Chairman Gary Gensler
IA "numbers have grown significantly in the last five years. Registered investment advisers grew by 22 percent—to about 15,000, up from approximately 12,500 in 2017. ...
"Since 2016, the number of private funds managed by registered investment advisers has increased 40 percent, to 50,000"
"Gatekeepers, such as accountants and attorneys, are often the first lines of defense against misconduct. When they fail to live up to their obligations, investors ...
SEC Chairman Gensler
"The funds we requested will support only about a 5 percent increase in the number of staff that examine investment advisers"
The Biden nominees speak to the president’s diversity agenda as Lizárraga is Hispanic and Uyeda is Asian
"I believe any regulatory response to digital assets must include measures to bring additional transparency to the conduct that makes this innovation possible"

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