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The consultant argues that you’ll never be able to beat the array of winning funds available from the TSP nor its lower fees and you ...
Be aware that a common mistake employers make is to insert language in an employee separation agreement that states the document defines “the entire” relationship ...
Reprinted with permission from the 2016 book Succeed With Senior Clients: A Financial Advisor’s Guide To Best Practices (www.aginginvestor.com; 844-315-4464)
Carter misappropriated over $6 million from customers and clients while he served as their financial advisor, by effecting numerous unauthorized transactions from their accounts
Know that an inherited IRA cannot be rolled over but a spousal one can be
This checklist can serve as a guide when assessing the condition of an elderly client
The fraudster noted that “for a fee” it could “arrange for a reassessment of the property’s value” to lower the homeowner’s taxes
Tips include to take a sampling of senior clients and check to see if reps are putting notes in your CRM to document their most ...
Katie Mogan, a consultant with SEC Compliance Solutions in Boston, shares her template for senior P&Ps
Lisa Marsden, president of Coulter Strategic Services in Coral Springs, Fla., shares her compliance training presentation for seniors and vulnerable investors

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