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Close-up stock photograph showing a touchscreen monitor being used in an open plan office. A woman’s hand is asking an AI chatbot pre-typed questions & the Artificial Intelligence website is answering.
Two months ago, RCW revealed that the SEC’s Division of Examinations has launched a sweep exam related to advisers’ use of artificial intelligence—but we weren’t ...
ai Artificial Intelligence technology for work performance.globalization and analytics management concepts
RCW has obtained a copy of the SEC Division of Examinations' sweep exam letter tied to AI or artificial intelligence
A wide-angle view of a board room meeting which is all women. They are discussing ideas and working on things together to come up with business opportunities.
It’s the first time in the 12 years that the exam division has released its annual exam priorities that they’ve appeared the year before they ...
This is the SEC's Division of Examinations' 2024 exam priorities, released in October 2023
Cybercriminal experts solving IT problems
While the exam did ask about due diligence of third-party vendors, Patel contends the exam team went too far in inquiring whether the adviser tracks ...
Senior Asian man and mature Asian woman reviewing contract with mobility walker in background. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
'There are still a few levers to pull' aside from a hedge clause
Man with long nose isolated on grey wall background. Liar concept. Human face expressions, emotions, feelings.
Greek myth meets regulatory reality in the case of an RIA that, like Icarus, aimed too high and fell back to Earth
Like cars whipping around a racetrack, some compliance issues have a knack of coming around again and again
'The clock is ticking'
“The Division is providing this information so that advisers may prepare themselves for an examination,” reads DOE’s 7th risk alert of 2023

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