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SEC no-action letters

On Jan. 19th, 2020, the SEC formally withdrew the no-action letters. The list of the withdrawn letters is below
IM won't recommend enforcement if the advisers "treats a Reserved Powers Trust as a Non-U.S. Person (each as described and defined in your letter) in ...
As rule 17f-2 assumes actual physical possession of underlying securities (i.e., the certificates)[6], you propose that the Funds cease providing the Loan Documents to their ...
The SEC's Trading & Markets Division "will not recommend enforcement action to the Commission against broker-dealers that do not treat family offices that qualify as ...
Two SEC commissioners believe six-month relief for non-compliance presents unacceptable risk to investors
The statement levels “the playing field for funds in states with control share statutes, but it doesn’t put an end to activism”
The staff would not recommend enforcement action to the Commission against a closed-end fund under for opting in to and triggering a control share statute ...
In the staff’s view, the terms and conditions of TALF 2020 are substantially similar to those of TALF 2008 for purposes of the staff no-action ...
There is no ability for the customer to access the FDIC insured bank sweep account directly and/or without going through the broker-dealer
BDC can acquire an investment adviser

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