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'This is the new SEC hunting ground. And we all know why—because they can extract great revenues from it. And it’s an easy kill,' says ...
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A peer shares an example of a compliance policy and procedure for off-channel communications
You should consider an addendum to your advisory agreement or an entirely separate agreement that the client would sign authorizing you to pay their personal ...
The mid adult loan officer patiently and cheerfully help sthe senior man find the best investment option for retirement savings.
This tool can help staff and clients decide the best option when rolling over funds
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The letter focuses on e-communications and sheds more light onto authorities’ interest in firms’ use of new communications platforms
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A peer grants RCW permission to share with you the firm's account review form
No doubt you anticipate more headaches should your firm permit staff to use text messages for work but you may be fighting in vain against ...
Like cars whipping around a racetrack, some compliance issues have a knack of coming around again and again
The route most advisers would take to limit avenues of business communications would be via their compliance P&Ps
This Advisers Act rule addresses the delivery of Form ADV

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