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'The erosion of fiduciary duties has magnified these risks,' Frehrichs says
Advisers would have to describe their use of ESG factors, their strategies, methods of analysis and how they voted relevant proxies
One part of the proposal asks should the Commission delegate to a fund’s CCO the duty to determine if the 80% threshold has been satisfied
"The proposal quite sensibly seeks to align the branding of funds with the reasonable expectations of investors. It is well thought-out and carefully crafted"
"Greenwashing can mislead investors as to the true risks, rewards, and pricing of investment assets. This goes to the heart of our mission at the ...
"The Names Rule has not been amended since its adoption in 2001. The industry has changed significantly in two decades .... The need for clarity in ...
"Given the breadth of terms such as ESG, growth, and value, how will industry implement the rule and how will we enforce it without engaging ...
"Some funds have claimed that the rule does not apply to them — even though their name suggests that investments are selected based on specific ...
"Funds are admonished to include in their compliance policies and procedures a requirement that employees memorialize the discussion of ESG issues"
"The rule is neutral as to the benefits or risks of ESG investing"

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