Conquering Current Compliance Challenges
Aug. 14, 2019 | 2:00 - 2:30 PM EST

Conquering Current Compliance Challenges
Recorded: June 11, 2019 
Includes: Best Practices, Key Regulatory Issues and Compliance Tips
Includes: 23 Best Practices, 5 Peer-tested tools and 15 No Action Letters

Title Date
SEC No-Action Letter: Nuveen S&P 500 Dynamic Overwrite Fund receives permission to do post-effective amendment 04/26/2019
SEC No-Action Letter: Community Capital Management gets permission to serve as IA for a period of time without a majority vote 04/15/2019
Voya Prime Rate Trust: SEC no-action letter approves post-effective amendments 04/08/2019
SEC asks the industry to share its views of custody, non-DVP Custodial Practices and Digital Assets 03/12/2019
IM No-Action Letter permits mutual fund board votes with some members not present 02/28/2019
SEC No-Action Letter: Conditions laid down for adviser acting as loan syndicate administrative agent to escape custody liability 12/20/2018
SEC No-Action Letter: Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Opportunities Fund receives permission for a post-effective amendment 10/29/2018
Independent Directors Council: No-Action Letter accepts giving CCO more responsibility with board oversight 10/12/2018
DNP Select Income Fund Inc.: SEC no-action letter permits post-effective amendments by closed-end fund 10/04/2018
SEC No-ACtion Letter: PIMCO Corporate & Income Opportunity Fund and PIMCO Income Opportunity Fund 09/13/2018
SEC No-Action Letter: Golub Capital BDC receives permission to enter into CLO deals 09/07/2018
Asia Pacific Fund-Omission of Shareholder Proposal Submitted by Matisse Capital Management: IM denies no-action request 07/20/2018
Investment Company Institute: SEC allows delay in transferring funds in case of suspected financial exploitation of a senior client 06/01/2018
SEC No-Action Letter: IM declines proxy materials request by Saba Capital Management 05/11/2018
South State Bank: Jointly owned advisers receive permission to pass off each others' performance records as their own 05/08/2018
Tekla Life Sciences Investors — Omission of Shareholder Proposal Submitted by Kenneth Steiner 03/08/2018
Eagle Point Credit Company: Closed-end mutual fund receives permission to file a post-effective amendment to its registration statement 02/14/2018
Great Ajax Funding: IM gives REIT permission to act 02/12/2018
First Trust Mortgage Income Fund: No-Action relief denied in request to withhold a shareholder proposal from proxy materials 01/25/2018
SEC Staff Letter to ICI and SIFMA AMG: Engaging on Fund Innovation and Cryptocurrency-related Holdings 01/18/2018
Chicago Mercantile Exchange: SEC No-Action Letter lets firms custody swaps deals at the CME 12/19/2017
ICE Clear Credit: SEC No-Action Letter gives a green light to custodying swaps deals with ICE 12/19/2017
LCH Limited and LCH.Clearnet: SEC No-Action Letter permits entities to custody swaps deals at LCH 12/19/2017
PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund: Closed-end fund gains permission to send out a post-effective statement 12/12/2017
Nuveen California Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio: SEC permits the filing of post-effective registration statement amendments 11/21/2017
Mutual of America Capital Management: Rare SEC no-action letter declines to give assurances against enforcement for proposed fund of funds expense allocation 10/26/2017
Investment Company Institute: SEC No-Action Letter grants temporary relief from MiFID II research rules 10/26/2017
SIFMA receives No-Action relief under Advisers Act temporarily protecting broker-dealers who provide research from MiFID II rules 10/26/2017
Redwood Trust: Advisers obtains SEC no-action relief under Investment Company Act for REIT subsidiaries 10/16/2017
Innovator Capital Management: Firm gets permission to extend its exemptive relief 10/06/2017
Fidelity Management & Research Company: Permit to use audit firm despite violation of loan provision 09/22/2017
Nuveen Municipal Income Fund: OGC gives fund ability to file a post-effective amendment to Form N-2 07/27/2017
Nuveen Fund Advisors: SEC grants exception after Nuveen winds down subadviser following departure of president and CIO 06/20/2017
SEC No-Action Letter: Feeder fund need not pay registration fees on public shares sold 04/19/2017
Guggenheim Credit Allocation Fund: SEC No-Action Letter grants closed-end fund relief from rule 486 04/05/2017
SEC No-Action Letter: Gives approval to foreign feeder fund arrangement with an IA involved as requested by Dechert 03/08/2017
Investment Adviser Association No-Action Letter: SEC clarifies that standing letters of authorization for money transfers amounts to custody 02/21/2017
Dechert: SEC No-Action Letter determines that Closed-End Mutual Funds aren't within 'Group of Investment Companies' Term 01/25/2017
Invesco Senior Income Trust: SEC permits closed-end fund to file post-effective amendments to its registration statement 01/25/2017
Capital Group: SEC No-Action Letter states Investment Company Act section 22(d) doesn't apply to a broker-dealer 01/11/2017