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11/30/2018 | Content area: Investment Adviser
This document makes technical corrections to several amendments to Form N-1A, which the Commission adopted as part of three rulemakings: Investment Co...
11/15/2018 | Content area: Investment Adviser
The financial services industry has been clamoring for changes to the SEC’s proposed customer relationship summary form since it was proposed last Apr...
11/15/2018 | Content area: Investment Adviser
Next month, larger mutual funds will begin filing liquidity data on SEC Form N-CEN. Ahead of that deadline, the SEC’s Division of Investment Managemen...
10/11/2018 | Content area: CPO/CTA
It seems the way many CPOs/CTAs have computed their quarterly financial ratios reported to the NFA hasn’t added up. The NFA has released new guidance ...
10/11/2018 | Content area: CPO/CTA
Declare it a smooch from the CFTC. The five commissioners voted unanimously to issue a new proposed rule that falls under the Commission’s Project KIS...
9/19/2018 | Content area: Investment Adviser
Form N-LIQUID is to be used by a registered open-end management investment company, or series thereof (“fund”), under the Investment Company Act of 19...
9/18/2018 | Content area: Investment Adviser
This is the SEC's Form N-Port, including filing instructions.
4/26/2018 | Content area: Investment Adviser
Four pages may seem incredibly short when you have to stuff it with reams of data and required language while keeping it “easy to read” and in a font ...
4/26/2018 | Content area: Investment Adviser
We are adopting revisions to forms filed under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (“Exchange Act”) to eliminate the portion of those forms that reque...
4/17/2018 | Content area: Investment Adviser
Supplemental Information for Entities Directed to Supply Information to the Commission Other Than Pursuant to Commission Subpoena
1/25/2018 | Content area: Investment Adviser
This document makes a technical correction to a form amendment that was published in the Federal Register on July 1, 1997 (62 FR 35338). The Commissio...
12/14/2017 | Content area: Investment Adviser
The Securities and Exchange Commission (the ‘‘Commission’’) is adopting a temporary final rule that requires funds in larger fund groups to maintain i...
8/03/2017 | Content area: CPO/CTA
Signs point to the CFTC going ahead with its new requirement that firms alert the Commission if they qualify for an exemption from the new position li...
4/13/2017 | Content area: CPO/CTA
You won’t be expected to adopt an accrual accounting method to satisfy the new requirement to report financial ratios on your reports to the National ...
4/09/2017 | Content area: Investment Adviser
These are the instructions for filling out the Form ADV, Part 1.
1/06/2017 | Content area: Investment Adviser
Form N-1A is to be used by open-end management investment companies, except insurance company separate accounts and small business investment companie...
1/06/2017 | Content area: Investment Adviser
This is a section of the SEC Form N1-a, which is used by mutual funds. This particular section, on the calculation of performance data, has been cited...
12/08/2016 | Content area: Investment Adviser
It only affects certain investment advisers but know that if you manage more than $200 million in foreign securities, you must file Treasury Form SHC ...
10/20/2016 | Content area: Investment Adviser
Securities lending, repurchase agreements, counterparties, derivatives, assets/liabilities, outflows, holdings – even if a fund’s CCO has changed sinc...
10/19/2016 | Content area: Investment Adviser
Form the SEC has created for open-end mutual funds to report their liquidity status to the agency.

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